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Small white dog running through grass with an orange chew toy in its mouth

Class Descriptions

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Puppy Beginner

(for puppies 8 weeks to 18 weeks at start of enrollment) In this class, we will cover basic training skills and focus on off-leash socialization to new puppies, people, novel objects, and handling. We will cover common house management, potty training, crate training, and basic grooming.

Skills covered: Calming exercises, impulse control, give me space, "look", "down", "drop it", "sit", "place."

Puppy Intermediate

(for graduates of Puppy Beginner)

In this class, we will cover more difficult skills and continue off-leash socialization. We will introduce basic Good Manners, and continue to cover house management, handling, potty training, and crate training. This class focuses on developing your puppy’s confidence and setting the stage for more advanced training.

Skills covered: stand-by cue and end working cues for higher levels of training, impulse control work, be still switch, begin to follow the "heel", introducing "leave it", and walk nicely.

Puppy Advanced

(for graduates of Puppy Intermediate) In this class, we will cover more difficult Good Manners while building on the two previous classes. We focus on socialization on leash going forward from this class.

Skills covered: build on all skills from Manners 1&2, proof heel with multiple distractions inside and outside weather permitting, mirror & switch games for impulse control.

Good Manners 1

(Basic Obedience for dogs over 5 months) In this class we will cover basic training skills, handling exercises, calming routines, and good manners around people, dogs, and distractions.

Skills covered: Calming exercises, impulse control, give me space, "look", "down", "drop it", "sit", "leave it", "place."

Good Manners 2

(For dogs that have graduated Puppy Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced or Puppy Advanced and Good Manners 1) In this class we continue to build on the skills learned from Good Manners 1 by increasing distractions and difficulty level. We will also discuss how to manage and change behaviors such as jumping, counter surfing, excessive barking, etc. There is a strong concentration and introduction to walking technique in this class.

Skills covered: walking nicely, pressure on and off for "leave it" while walking, guiding your dog into a "heel", mirror and switch games for impulse control, and adding distractoins to proof commands.

CGC Prep

(We will prepare your furry friend for the CGC test which is optional at the end of the class. The following are the 10 criteria we will be focusing on each session) In this class, we work on the approved American Kennel Club basic obedience Canine Good Citizen certification. This will prepare your dog to take the CGC test and potentially enter into advanced obedience work training, therapy dog training, etc.

"Accepting a friendly strange", "Sitting politely for petting", "Appearance and grooming", "Out for a walk", "Walking through a crowd", "Sit and down on cue/stay in place", "Coming when called", "Reaction to another dog", "Reaction to distractions", "Supervised separation."