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Deerfield Animal Care Center

Cat Boarding

No matter where you’re going or how long you’ll be gone, travel with the assurance that we are keeping your furry friend safe, healthy and relaxed.  Our cat-friendly approach minimizes your companion’s stress through ongoing supervision, proper handling, strict cleanliness and thoughtful kennel design.


Convenient location, specialized care, and a well-trained, compassionate staff make us the top choice among cat owners. We treat every feline as if they were our very own family pet, and strive to make their stay with us as comfortable and fun-filled as possible. We hope that they will think of our pet boarding facility as a home away from home. We will go the extra mile to ensure that all your cat's needs are met during their stay with us. You can specify their individual needs for services such as, medications, a bath, or even a medical procedure, and we will make sure it happens. Whether your cat is here for a day of pampering, as an overnight guest, or for a medical procedure, we keep our facility climate controlled to ensure your feline feels relaxed and comfortable.

Why should I board my cat?

If you are planning to travel overnight for days or weeks, consider boarding your cat during your trip. Your mind will be at peace knowing that he/she is being taken care of in a safe and comfortable environment.

When should I drop off my cat for boarding?

Please call our office for a more specific drop-off time when arranging boarding services. In most cases, cat owners will drop-off their pet(s) in the morning of the start of the trip.