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Welcome to Deerfield Animal Care Center


Deerfield Animal Care Center is a full-service veterinary hospital for dogs and cats. Our experienced veterinarians and staff are committed to providing your pet with the very best care. We believe that healthy pets are happy pets.


Routine exams and vaccinations do not require an appointment, however, one can be made upon request. Instead, customers can visit the clinic at their convenience during our hours of operation and call us at 224-300-6300 from their car in the parking lot. Our staff will provide instructions for their pet to see a doctor, including which of our two lobby entrances to use. For social distancing and safety, we allow one client to wait on each side of the lobby at any time. Clients will also have the opportunity to meet and speak with the attending doctor. To make an appointment for boarding, dental, and surgical procedures; to schedule training; or to ask any other questions; please call us at 224-300-6300. Pet records can be sent to [email protected]

Client Reviews & Testimonials

We value our clients’ experience at Deerfield Animal Care Center. Here’s what some people are saying about us. 

My dog usually needs a muzzle at the vet. Here, no way. For some reason he is comfortable with the staff at Deerfield Animal Care Center!

Linda J.

I love Deerfield Animal Care Center! We took our puppy there for his first vet visit, and even though we could choose a vet closer to our house, it's worth the drive for the TLC our puppy receives. Prices are reasonable. I love that it's a small vet, so I feel that the vet knows my dog well.

Lindsey P.

Fantastic, caring professionals whom helped me out with Cuba, my newest foster angel with Baark rescue pulled from CACC.

Cecilia F.